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  • Which stores can I shop at to be eligible for points?
    Diverse businesses and products can be found anywhere. So there are a lot of ways to earn points. You can shop at a Diverse restaurant to get points. You can shop at a retail store, like Target, buy a Diverse owned product and get points. Or you can shop directly on-line or in store with a Diverse owned business to earn points. Any store or product is eligible as long as the business is owned by a Diverse founder.
  • How can we start earning points?
    Download the app Start shopping Scan receipts
  • Are there any hidden fees in joining as a customer?
    There are no hidden fees when signing up for BLK DYMND Rewards.
  • How will BLK DYMND Rewards promote my business?
    BLK DYMND will market and promote your business along with the BLK DYMND mobile application through advertisements in local print and radio media. BLK DYMND will also run a robust social media campaign on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and LinkedIn to attract consumers.
  • How does the BLK DYMND Rewards application work?
    Consumers will shop at your business and scan your receipts into the BLK DYMND mobile application. Each receipt will earn the consumer a certain number of points. Once those points reach a certain level, the consumer will be able to turn those points into a gift card to your business.
  • How will the application specifically drive consumers to my business?
    BLK DYMND will promote your business to all of its consumers through timely notifications. BLK DYMND will run point specials on the application promoting your business. Lastly, BLK DYMND will work with you on email campaigns that promote your business to potential new customers.
  • How much does it cost to partner with BLK DYMND Rewards?
    There are no upfront fees to partner with BLK DYMND Rewards.
  • Are there any fees associated with being a partner of BLK DYMND Rewards?
    Yes, BLK DYMND Reward will charge an affiliate marketing fee for a percentage of the sale. This fee will not be charged until the two month free trial period has ended. Please contact us to get more information concerning our rates.
  • How do I sign up for BLK DYMND Rewards?
    Please navigate back to the For Businesses page and click the Join Us button.

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