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Three Benefits of Tracking Goals to support Black owned Businesses

Hello Conscious Consumer. You want to support Black businesses and we want to help you reach your goal. So we provided you a goal tracker on the BLK DYMND Rewards app. Check out the top benefits of tracking your goal, then set your goal and earn an extra 500 points. Check out this brief video below on goal setting.

Tracking Progress

1. Measurement of Progress

Tracking your goals allows you to measure your progress objectively. Seeing your progress is highly motivating and helps you stay committed to your goal.

Black woman staying on task

2. Staying on Task

When you track your goals you are more likely to stay on task. Life get’s busy and you fall into the same habit of making the same purchases and ignoring Black Businesses. Setting a goal helps you remember your commitment to Black Businesses.

Black couple hitting goals

3. Find Areas of Improvement

When you track your goals you are more focused on your patterns. Self assessment helps you understand yourself better, identify patterns and make adjustments to find more Black owned Businesses.


You are the change you want to see in the world. Stat making that change one day at a time.

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