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Consumers are earning millions of dollars in rewards from cash back application. Except consumers that choose to support Black owned businesses. Black businesses are not featured or promoted on other cashback mobile applications. That is where BLK DYMND Rewards comes in. BLK DYMND Rewards' mobile application was created to provide financial rewards to conscious consumers who purchase Black products and support Black businesses. Providing consumers a reward for buying Black will drive more traffic to those places of business and help increase their revenue.

Black people will have $1.8 trillion in buying power by 2024. Unfortunately, the majority of those dollars will be spent outside our community.  BLK DYMND Rewards is committed to ensuring those dollars are spent in the Black community. Join the movement.

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The Founder

Art Robinson Headshot

Art Robinson

Buying Black, or more specifically buying goods or services from a Black owned company is a movement that has been gaining steam over the last few years. In my daily life, I have always made it a priority to seek out these companies when making purchasing decisions. Years ago, when living in Madison, Wisconsin, I created a publication called the Minority Business Directory. This directory was designed to support the Black owned and Hispanic owned businesses that existed in Madison.

I am working to continue the tradition of Operation Breadbasket which produced millions in income for the Black community. Their premise was that Black people should patronize businesses that provides them jobs, advancement or plain courtesy. I believe that the increased patronage of Black owned businesses will increase the economic wealth of the Black community. I want to encourage that patronage by providing consumers a financial incentive. I look forward to serving you.

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