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Sharing is Caring!!

Are you ready to take your holiday season to the next level? We've got something extraordinary in store for you! This Christmas, we're not just celebrating the season; we're celebrating diversity and supporting businesses that make our community unique and vibrant.

🎁 The Gift of Sharing: Earn Extra Points for Every Post! 🎁

📸 Snap, Share, and Shine: How to Participate

  1. Discover Diverse Delights: Explore the rich tapestry of businesses in our community. From mouthwatering local restaurants to unique clothing lines like All Hail the Hips, the options are as diverse as our wonderful community members.

  2. Capture the Magic: When you find that perfect something, snap a pic! Whether it's you savoring a delightful dish or showcasing your new fashion find, let the world see the magic of diverse businesses.

  3. Spread the Joy: Share your experience on social media, tag BLK DYMND Rewards, and use the hashtag #Christmasinthecity. Every post not only amplifies the magic but also earns you extra points toward those coveted free gift cards.

🏆 Win Big with Every Post!

But wait, there's more! By sharing your patronage and downloading a receipt on social media, you automatically enter our contest for a chance to win some phenomenal prizes. Think $25 gift cards to local restaurants, $50 in dazzling jewelry from Melissa Charles Design, $25 gift cards to All Hail the Hips (hello, trendy fashion!), and a delectable $25 Gift Card to Cobbler World (bakery heaven) – just a taste of what could be yours.

Dress Designed by All Hail the Hips

Make Every Post Count!

This season, let's celebrate not just the holidays, but the beautiful diversity that makes our community shine. Your support means the world to these businesses, and we're here to make your holiday season even brighter.

Tag us with #Christmasinthecity, share the joy, and let the world see the incredible experiences you're having this Christmas.

Elevate your holidays with BLK DYMND Rewards' Diverse Delights Extravaganza!

Wishing you a season filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments,


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